Land of Eternal Spring

Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.  1 Cor. 10:31




The goal for Corazon del Cielo is to provide a place for families seeking new opportunities and a great living environment.  By bringing together elements of historic Panama and European towns with local cultural materials and modern design, we are creating a unique development. Our concept is to provide a place that people can purchase or rent a property, where they can run their own small business, and rent out space for income.  We strive for the development to aid the greater Tierras Altas community, acting as a small business incubator, education center, and entrepreneurial hub.  Integrating off-grid technologies, alternative energy, self-sustainable elements, gardens, aquaponic
s, and permaculture is also encouraged.  









































What makes Corazon del Cielo Unique?


• Master Plan: The layout is unique, integrating residential and small family business users. The development has a pedestrian focused layout of sidewalks, streets, alleys, and public spaces.  Some areas of the plan have mixed-use structures with optional commercial businesses on the first floor and residential housing above and private courtyards in the back.

• Construction: Durable local materials of stone, concrete, metal, and tile.

• Architecture: Continuity and variety to each structure in the development. Clay-tile or metal roofs, and construction that will age gracefully.

• Natural Beauty: Natural stones, flowers, trees, and creek.

• Public Spaces: Playfield, Playground, Plazas, and Courtyards, space for pedestrians and encouraging the social, outdoor life.

Climate: At an elevation of 4,600ft (1,400 meters) Spring like temperatures year round, most will find air conditioning and heating unnecessary.

Location: Strategically located about halfway between Panama City and San Jose,Costa Rica, and near to the growing city of David.

Environment: Abundant water resources, fertile volcanic soil.

Local Outdoor Activities:  Beaches, islands, snorkeling, fishing, volcano climbing, jungle hikes, zip lines, river rafting, coffee farm tours, archaeological site, river gorge, waterfalls, rock climbing, horse back riding, and whale watching.

• Security: Loop drive, two entry gates, and surrounding fence. 

• Small Family Businesses:  Small family businesses are encouraged and promoted.



























































































































Volcán is a town in Tierras Altas District, Chiriquí Province, Panama. Current population of about 16,000 and it sits near Volcán Barú, the highest point in Panama at 3,475 meters (11,460 feet).























Volcan is the heart of the bread basket of Panama.  The area is blessed with rich, fertile soil that’s ideal for growing crops and is an important area for cattle farming, with 80% of the country’s milk, meat, and vegetables coming from the region.  Major roads out of Volcan go to the farming communities of Cerro Punta, Plaza de Caizan, La Concepcion, and Rio Sereno on the border with Costa Rica.  Ocean beaches are about a 45 minutes drive from Volcan, and the retirement and tourist hub of Boquete is about an hour away on the other side of the volcano. Crops in and around Volcan include coffee, tomatoes, oranges, lemons, beans, onions, cabbage, carrots, bananas, potatoes, lettuce, corn, cauliflower, broccoli, cut flowers and many others. Large dairies, horse and cattle farms with sheep, pigs, and chicken farms are along the roads into Volcan. A few kilometers north of Volcan on the road to Cerro Punta is a large trout farm. The farming community is supported by San Benito High School, dedicated to the improvement of farming methods in Panama.

Volcan is 1,400 meters (4,617 feet) above sea level and at 8.5 degrees North; the weather is springlike year round with afternoon highs of upper 70s Fahrenheit and night time lows from the mid 50s to the lower 60s. It has two seasons, wet and dry. Starting around December 15, the dry season lasts for about four months.

With lows of about 60 and highs that rarely exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit, there’s no need for heat or air conditioning. 

The area around Volcan is sometimes called little Switzerland because of the mountainous terrain, picturesque dairies and farmland, cooler temperatures, and some early settlement by native Swiss.

The region is also known for it's local horse parades and cowboy culture.


About corazon del cielo

 Corazon del Cielo is a 16-acre (5.7 hectares) development situated on the via Caizan, on the west side of Volcan.  The site has great views of Volcano Baru and mountains.  The property currently has public water supply, two private wells, underground electrical service, gates, fences, and roads.  It also has five completed houses, a pavilion, playfield, playground, and natural features like citrus trees, fruit trees, and a scenic creek.  The overall master plan and lot segregation is awaiting approval by appropriate government agencies.

Photos of the Property:    




























































































Small Business


Chiriqui is a prosperous region that is growing: roads are being improved, restaurants and retail stores are multiplying, noticeable increasing middle class, people buying cars for the first time.  With this rising middle class comes business opportunities.  If you are from western modern countries you will have a unique perspective in this part of Panama.  You will be a time traveler who has seen the future, helping you predict the future here, helping you to know what will be successful.  You can provide services and products that the local population has never seen, but are ready for.  Be the first to open a drive through coffee shop, supply products only available outside the country, provide services for first time car owners, bring in new farming techniques and produce.


New businesses are a vital component to economic prosperity.  An objective of Corazon del Cielo is the support of small businesses, to build a collaborative work environment and community.  A warm safe place to grow and prosper, where there is a support network of peers that build on each other.


For example, if you start an organic sandwich and salad café, you could team up with other local entrepreneurs for needed services.  Someone that grows organic food in an aquaponics greenhouse, someone that would help with marketing and create a website, and another that prints menus and signs.  In turn, these people would buy food from you, and became your customers.


These type of relationships help create a synergy to build success.



Agriculture and Eco Tourism

Adventure Tourism

Small Inn

Convention Center - Special events, weddings

Wedding Planning and Supplies


Internet Shopping and International Shipping

International Product shop

Printing Shop, 3d Printing

Website design

Phone and computer repair

Restaurant Cafe

Coffee Shop

Gym, Cross-fit, kids gym

Tourist Car Rental

Mechanic Shop, car sales


Bicycle Shop

Organic food and Vitamin Shop

Hamburgers, Sandwiches

Dairy Shop

Home builder, home renovation remodeler

Alternative energy designer and retailer

Aquaponics greenhouse and garden




Ebook Author

Freelance Writer or Editor

Blogger or Vlogger

English Trainer or Teacher

Stock or Crypto Currency Trader


Search Engine Evaluator

Powerpoint Presentation Designer

Website, Software, or App Tester

Data Entry

Mechanical Turk


Medical Transcriptionist

Ad Clicker

Affiliate Marketing

Virtual Assistant

Travel Agent

Social Media Manager

Survey Taker

Micro Worker

Graphics Designer







Village Mixed Use Area

Residential Area

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Civita di Bangoregio, Italy

Conceptual Village Area


HISTORIC PANAMA - Panama City, Colon, San Lorenzo, David, Portobelo

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